Nick in Sonoma at MS-150 Finish Line

MS-150 Finish Line – Sonoma, CA

Following a career at IBM was an opportune time to re-Think and try different things. Serving a two-year term as CIO and member of the Board of Directors of a non-profit involved in HIV education & testing in the Yucatán became the vehicle for that and much more. Then, I decided to consult with non-profit education institutions where a trans-formative culture around cloud and social is taking root. Some of those experiences are highlighted in LAB14.

At IBM I worked on e-business transformation for some of the world’s largest companies, acquiring hands-on experience in Energy & Utilities, Media &  Entertainment, and Financial Markets. All had a Chief Information Officer (CIO) with vast IT resources to draw from. After that experience, I truly enjoyed the opportunity to bring a brand of CIO-Trusted Adviser-consulting to small organizations, traditionally available only to large companies.

It’s been interesting and enjoyable working with boards, owners, executives, and managers throughout my career—regardless the size of the business. It’s always gratifying to meet new people and help solve problems at the intersection of business & information technology.

For the past couple years I helped to develop “Smart Architecture” at Black & Veatch, a global engineering and construction firm involved in intelligent power grids, water treatment plants, pipelines, renewables, and telecommunications networks. My engagement at B&V working with engineers was an opportunity to grow. Loved it.

Today , I’m still in the most interesting field in the world working as a confidential architecture consultant to IT executives. Love my profession, the adventure, and all the great colleagues I’ve come to know over the years. May it never end.

Spring 2017

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