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The Write Word – Home

When a writer-friend decided to start a blog on business writing she came to me for advice on business and information technology strategy. This would be the ultimate in small business consulting and it could not have been more rewarding. We worked together to define requirements then searched for the best solution which turned out to be’s cloud-based service. I trained her with the online tools, helped her understand and choose themes, create her own header photos, and how to use social media features strategically. With practice she developed skill, created an attractive Web presence, and filled it with content. She needs only occasional reset-consultations from time-to-time. In a short time she posted a rich trove of topical insights on writing with a business purpose. Her blog exemplifies her skills directly in a lively and engaging manner.

The sole proprietor is a microcosm of big business—the concerns, issues, and requirements are similar. “The Write Word” project shows how the cloud and social media can transform business processes and level the playing field for individuals who have something to say. Today it’s amazing what people can accomplish with a little bit of strategic help, training, encouragement…and zero I/T capability. The cloud and social-tech make business-class profiling available to everyone. Nancy’s blog quickly expanded her street-cred, work-load, and revenue. It’s amazing how much leverage is available to even the smallest business through the intelligent application of social technology.

Visit The Write Word often—you’ll learn something every time. When your business needs to say something and be understood, contact Nancy Nalence. And remember—no matter how small the engagement, the old consulting principles of project management, business requirements, solution design, information technology architecture, implementation, user training, change management, and ongoing maintenance are the same.

Try it sometime….you’ll see.